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Send the gift that nourishes the body. Chicken soup is like a warm hug, homemade and scrumptious. Soup is the new Bouquet!

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Sidenote: If Sal Vulcano wants my soup he can get a personal delivery, since we live on the same Island and because he makes me laugh like no other man 💌

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we take orders 24/7 at Momma’s! Since we are shipping perishables, there is no shipping on the weekends including Friday. And no shipping on federal Holidays. 

Orders will be shipped from Monday-Wednesday. 

Orders from Thursday through the weekend will be processed on Monday AM. Shipments go out in the order in which they are received. The only way an order can be shipped on a Thursday is if the consumer pays for overnight  shipping fees. 

(some orders are shipped in separate boxes) THANK YOU! 

About Us

Once you've had Momma's, you will never want another soup!


My name is Bonnie Regenbogen. Matzoball soup has been in our family for generations, and each one tweaked it a bit until now because my soup is perfection. Everyone who has had it concedes the point, and now it time for the whole country to enjoy. Nothing makes you feel as good as a bowl of delicious, filling, chicken soup made from scratch with a lot of time and care put into it. I am always cooking for everyone, and absolutely adore sharing my soup as a gift of love. People always ask me how I look so good after having children, I always say I live off my soup! My dream of all dreams is to cook a meal for Keanu Reeves, one on one and he can have more than soup...he truly fascinates me in so many ways. Cool, down to earth, giving, humble, great actor, handsome and single?! He had me at ‘Point Break’! Oops, got a bit off subject now back to Matzoballs! 

Easy to Heat, Eat, and Clean!


All soup is made to order and then flash frozen for utmost freshness. Then sent in insulated bags in the box. We cook low-n-slow in small batches the way homemade soup should be! Our soup is packaged into individual servings that are so easy to heat up. You can throw it into the microwave, or pour into a pot and then stir noodles right in. Noodles are packaged on the side so they do not get mushy or take up too much room! Each jug has two full cups of soup with about a quarter cup of noodles separately in little ramikens. Each order has four hefty servings. The containers are spill-proof, microwaveable, dishwasher safe and re-usable over and over again. We also have family size which serves four to six people, and comes in two large containers. No other company put the noodles on the side, so you get more actual soup! This can be your lunch in a mug, or dinner in a bowl with a hunk of bread, even a healthy late-night snack. Share this scrumptious, gourmet soup with your family and friends or even send it as a gift! We have a get well gift care package available on our menu. You cannot beat Momma's.

Organic Local Ingredients!


Our high quality soup is made with organic chicken, local organic vegetables, and dill from my garden. The chicken is hand shredded, and I include all the parsnips, turnips and carrots too. I cook with only water, onions, garlic, celery, kosher salt, and fresh ground pepper. There is not a single additive or anything artificial like you get in a processed can of soup. My matzo-balls are made with matzomeal, organic eggs, fresh broth and a couple of secrets! They are thee lightest, most delicious, fluffy ball with the right bite! And if you do not like matzoballs you can get double noodle instead. Simply put, there is no other soup out there like mine with these scrumptious veggies, shredded chicken, beautiful broth with egg noodles and little balls of heaven! For just about the same price as a can of processed soup, you can have homemade delivered right to your door! I guarantee you have never had better soup EVER! Look no further, my soup is thee least expensive home- cooked soup you can get Online. Don't forget our add ons!